A Social Marketplace for Beauty Services! 

ListedB is a social marketplace that efficiently connects beauty professionals and clients. Professionals can market their services, manage appointments, and accept payments. Clients can discover new trends, book local professionals, and share their experiences within the community.

Here are some of the benefits of using ListedB


Beauty professionals can manage their schedule by setting work hours, buffer time, and days off.


In less than 15 seconds, our AI matching assistant connects clients with beauty professionals based on service, budget, time, and location to increase bookings.

Universal Booking

With a business account, beauty professionals can also book service appointments with other beauty professionals.

In-App Payments & Pricing

Beauty professionals can process deposits and other fees directly on the platform. Also, they can enable our AI-powered smart pricing to increase their bookings and revenue.

Business Accounts

Business account are for users who offer beauty services.


Get discovered by clients who are looking for your services.


Efficiently manage your schedule and appointments.


Get paid in the easiest, fastest, and most secure way.

General Accounts

General accounts are for users searching for new styles or local professionals.

Saved Posts

Photos and videos can be saved so you can get back to them later.

Booking History

One click to easily re-book appointments with your favorite professionals.


Stay in the loop with your favorite professionals and get early access to discounts, calendar openings, service updates, and more.

The ListedB Experience

the latest styles and beauty professionals
the best beauty professionals in your area
your new look and experience with the community
others and stay connected with the community

More Than a Booking App—A Community!